Calling Christian wannabe writers!

If you’re a Christian and you fancy having a go at some writing, check out this annual competition.

It’s for Christian short stories of upto 4,000 words (that’s not nearly as daunting as it sounds) on any theme and in any genre, so long as they have a strong Christian content. So you can write a romance for Valentine’s Day, or a historical drama, or a murder/mystery, or sci-fi – whatever you like, provided you have a Christian message.

The top prize is £150 plus guaranteed publishing, and short-listed titles may be published too. It costs £4.00 to enter, but that’s a fairly low investment should you win, and not too much to lose if your story isn’t chosen.

If you fancy your hand at something longer, the same site is running a Christian romance novel competition, and again, non-winning titles may be published. There is also an open short story competition – in other words, on any theme without necessarily a Christian message – and there’s even a section for young writers.

The closing date for all these competitions is 31st March, so as you’re sitting there this weekend, trying to ignore the snow and keep warm, why not turn your attention to writing a short story? Stories are fantastic vehicles for Christian witness, as the master story-teller himself showed us, and who knows? Writing a successful short story may inspire you to go even further and attempt that novel you always planned to write!

3 Responses to “ Calling Christian wannabe writers!”

  1. Susan Lindsey Says:

    Do you accept short stories from the US? If so what is the US entry fee?

  2. janice Says:

    It isn’t my competition, Susan – click on the links in the blog to go to the competition website.
    However, I’m fairly certain that they accept entries worldwide, and your currency would be automatically converted to sterling by Paypal. Would probably work out at around 6-7 dollars.

  3. buy facebook fans Says:

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