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Grammarly calls! | Janice Scott's Blog

Grammarly calls!

I use Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker because with two fractured wrists I need all the help I can get! Even without fractured wrists, it’s a boon to have not only a plagiarism checker, but an online proof reader, grammar checker, and of course, spell checker (where would we be without the ubiquitous spell checker?) all in one.

To be honest, the wrists are much better now and the splints are due off in a fortnight. I can just about exist that long without the full use of my hands and arms. The moral of this story? Don’t attempt the dry ski slope without full body armour. After I fell and they’d picked me up, dusted me down and sent me off to A&E, my instructor went back into the club house and said, “I think I’ve just broken the vicar!”

Stiff wrists have delayed the continuation of my ongoing murder/mystery novel (as you know, I only write it in the winter when the weather prevents much in the way of outside entertainment) and although the splints will be off, life gets particularly busy in December. But after Christmas, I intend to get cracking again. And yes, I know. No need to remind me how the road to hell is paved.

Meanwhile, volume three of ‘Children’s Stories’ is now available, and is based on Year A (the year of Matthew, which starts on Advent Sunday, December 1st) of the Sunday gospel readings. Once again they are fun stories with an underlying-but-not-in-your-face message, suitable for adults as well as children.

Back at the ranch – well, the church actually – we’ve just started to fund raise for the redevelopment of our church hall. It’s a lovely building but in such a sad state of repair that it’s dangerous and can’t be used. We want to develop it for community use and have in mind nursery provision during the week (there’s none in this part of East Norwich) with an after-school club, some youth work and clubs for all ages in the evenings, and possibly lunches for the isolated at the weekend.

If you’d like to give us a helping hand, you can either text TROW75 and the amount you’d like to give, to 70070, or you can click on our Just Giving page. Every little helps, as they say in a well known store, so THANK YOU in advance!

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  1. Linnet Says:

    So sorry to hear about your wrists!! Was dry skiing the wisest activity for a once-retired Vicar?!!! Love Linnet

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