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Trinity College Choir | Janice Scott's Blog

Trinity College Choir

Wow! What a scoop by Dickleburgh Church. They have the Trinity College Choir – ranked the 5th best choir in the world – giving a concert on Sunday evening, July 1st, on the eve of their tour to America and Canada. Trinity College Cambridge are patrons of the church, and very generous in many ways. If there are any tickets left, I think I shall have to go. Anyone want to come with me?

Talking about singing and choirs, I’ve just invested in an online singing course, which you can find at The Singing Zone. It’s expensive, but if lesson 1 is anything to go by, well worth the money. It’s done by videos, so that it feels just like a one-to-one lesson with the teacher, Per Bristow. I’m already excited by it and looking forward to the future lessons.

Of course, singing is nothing much to do with writing, but as I’ve just finished an assignment for Redemptorist Publications, I felt justified in a little reward! Hence the singing lessons.

And it’s only money, so onwards and upwards, hopefully in good voice!

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